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Pricing Guideline

How much does dustless blasting (abrasive paint stripping) cost?

Please Note – The information below is not a quote but intended as an estimate guide to customers. Many factors may vary our quote for your project. Please also refer to our Terms of Trade listed at the bottom of this page.

Why are we happy and open with our prices? We believe you’ll love our service and reliability!

Notes: Estimate prices include GST. Prices are correct as at May 2014, and are subject to change. Information provided below is for general interest only. Our fees may not be limited to that advertised below. Please ask for a quote.

The following variables need to be assessed as additional cost –

  • Add travel to site
  • Add any delays with access or safety getting started
  • Time of the day or urgency of the job
  • Unusual factors requiring special care or time

Minimum size job; where you bring item to our yard






Car body (external only) stripped to bear metal




Add Internal door frames and doors




Add under bonnet and engine bay




Add inside boot











Grafitti removal (normal situation, price per square metre)




Minimum setup fee







Road lines - removal (price per linear metre)




Minimum setup fee











30-45 foot: anti-foal paint removal




45-60 foot: anti-foal paint removal




Strip barnacle only from prop, etc.







Pool seal coating strip (small to large domestic)


$1400 – $3000





Earthmoving machine: pre-paint strip







House cladding paint strip


$2000 – $4000


Payment / Credit Terms / General Information

Please refer to our Terms of Trade information below.

For retail clients, our terms are Payment 7 days from invoice date or preferably on completion.

Trade customers (as individuals)

  1. Please apply for an account application. If approved –
  2. Payment will be required at the end of the month in which the work was undertaken.

Trade customers (Corporations)

  1. Please apply for an account application.
  2. A personal guarantee form will be required from the company directors on behalf of the company.

Please allow at least 7 days for our processing office to assess your application. When approved –

  1. Payment will be required at the end of the month in which the work was undertaken.
  2. Large companies (on application) will be granted “payment at the end of the proceeding month in which works were undertaken” subject to size of contract being minimum $30,000 and business being ongoing between us.

Maximum account Credit limit

For retail clients

Payment per job


Trade customers (as individuals)  

Per month


Trade customers (large corporations, large contracts)

Per month


We are not able to approve more credit per client than the above limits, thank you.

Important -

Please be advised – on large contracts or mid-month, no work can be continued once the credit limit has been reached.   If necessary, we will leave the job until payment is received and you may be charged a re-establishment fee in some circumstances.

Payment as “work draw in progress “ will be required to settle the account to nil credit before balance works on your project can be completed.

Please ensure these office payment arrangements are made with your company, as we will not be liable for losses as a result of delay caused by slow customer payment.

Claims against payment –

Any claims against our invoice for credit must be registered to us in writing within 7 days of the invoice date. Not happy with our work? Please tell us. We value happy clients and will fix any problems that are our fault.

Late payment / account collection fees –

Please refer to our Terms of Trade listed below.

To continue providing a successful service we need to be paid on time. If we have to chase you, our debt collection agency may charge minimum $500 fee or 20% (+ all costs) of the debt, which will be added to your account + our fees to cover our costs. We trust this is rarely necessary, as we hate situations getting to that stage.

If you have problems paying your account on time… Talk to us, we’re human. Honest, amicable arrangements can always be found.

Additional charges -

Please refer to our Terms of Trade listed below.

Additional charges may not be limited to the descriptions below -

Waiting time

If access to start work is delayed, add per hour labour cost per man


After hours

5pm-9pm Mon-Fri Add per hour labour cost per man $120
9pm-7am Mon-Fri Add per hour labour cost per man $150
Saturday & Sunday / Public holiday $200
Travelling to site is normally included in your quote.   

If not, a travel fee will be based on



The following situations if not specifically quoted, are examples of extra costs, where the need arises:

  • Safety additional requirements not known at time of quote
  • Traffic /public management
  • Scaffold
  • Clean up/disposal of regulated waste
  • Special procedures requested by customer
  • Unusual  access to the site
  • Taping /removal/ protection works by us of items you don’t want effected by blasting


Terms of Trade

Click the link below to download and view our Terms of Trade.

Terms of Trade Terms of Trade (129 KB)